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Information Links

This is where you can find useful information about the stucco world and the products that we use.

The World of Stucco

  • Stucco Manufacturers Association
    If you are considering stucco for your home or commercial building, but would like to learn more about it, the Stucco Manufacturers Association's website is a great place to learn about stucco.
  • Cracking
    Stucco, because it is a cementitious material, is by its very nature prone to cracking. Here at Thomas Burns Plastering Inc. we are taking extra measures to minimixe cracking, but it is impossible to guarantee against cracking completely. We recommend looking at the Crack Policy on the SMAs website to learn more about cracking and its causes.
  • Senergy Products
    Here at Thomas Burns Plastering Inc. we are proud to use the high-quality Senergy line from BASF. Please follow the link to see the whole Senergy line.

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