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About Us

Thomas Burns Plastering, Inc., previously known as Tom Burns Plastering, began as a part-time expedition of its President, Thomas F. Burns. While holding down another full-time job, Thomas started out in the stucco trade with little more than a strong work ethic and a vision for the future. During these early years, Thomas had to work on his stucco projects in the evenings and on weekends. With a solid committment to making his customers happy, he soon found that his work was much in demand; referrals from satisfied customers to their friends and family spurred rapid growth. As a result of this increase in demand, the business incorporated and soon grew to the point that Thomas had to quit his full-time job of 19 years in order to give his full attention to the business.


As his customer base broadened and the company grew, Thomas had the foresight to reinvest his profits into further expansion of the business. As a result, Thomas was able to build up a first class fleet of equipment. Having acquired the means to take on large projects, Thomas began to develop relationships with commercial builders, which led to bigger and bigger projects. Even though Thomas started to do bigger projects, he maintained his commitment to his customers with smaller projects. Thomas' attitude towards his customers, big and small, has always been that every one of them should receive the same quality of treatment. In order to maintain high standards and to channel growth in the right direction, Thomas continues to oversee the day to day operations of the business Though growth has been rapid, it has been bridled with quality control.


  • Thomas Burns Plastering, Inc. strives to be a full-service stucco contractor. While other plastering outfits only specialize in certain facets of the industry, e.g. tract homes or remodels, our goal is to to be diverse enough to take on any project.
  • As the years have gone by, our list of completed projects has grown longer and longer. We have branched into public works, senior housing, apartment complexes, hospitals, interior plastering, etc. In other words, no matter how specific your needs, we have you covered.

The three words above, "Expert Stucco Work", have been the motto of Thomas Burns Plastering, Inc. since the company was founded. It is the standard by which all work we do is measured - we simply will not tolerate anything less than "Expert" grade workmanship.

In previous years, when company growth was rapid and the volume of work was high, Thomas bridled the rapid growth with excessive quality control. Volume has never been the ultimate goal of this company; the ultimate goal has always been quality workmanship.